Natural Sauces

Rhubarb Ketchup, Umber Sauce and Chipotle Chili Ketchup

Made with locally sourced ingredients and spices from ethical suppliers, our sauces bring great taste and flavour to your everyday cooking

Delicious Taste

Our Rhubarb Ketchup is a delicious blend of fresh rhubarb, red onion and spices. Our Umber Real Brown Sauce combines dates and apples with molasses, tangy tamarind and lots of skilful spicing. Delicious sauces that enhance just about any dish.

Try our Rhubarb Ketchup with a bacon butty, a slow roast joint of pork or some grilled mackerel. Our Umber Real Brown Sauce is the perfect partner for a full English breakfast and makes superb sticky port ribs on the barbecue.

Our Chipotle Chili Ketchup adds a fruity kick to your cooking. Full of peppers, chipotle chili, onions and apple, try it in a cheese toastie or add to your stews for a rich and flavourful dish.

Naturally Good

Starting with fresh, natural fruits and vegetables, we chop, cook and blend them with spices and vinegars, using the fresh fruit sweetness for flavour and mixing just enough  molasses or sugar to create a traditional, naturally preserved sauce.

We add nothing artificial. They are a wholefood and wholesome addition to your family’s diet.

Ethically Made

At Seasoning Works, we care about origin. Our sauces are created with ingredients that are either locally grown, from ethical or local suppliers or organic.

Rhubarb is a fabulous and celebrated Yorkshire fruit, our onions and apples come from local suppliers and the rest of the spices and ingredients we source from co-operative wholefood suppliers.

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